What are the Foundation’s deadlines for letters of inquiry and applications?
March 15, June 15, and December 15 for letters of inquiry and February 15, May 15 and August 15 for applications; more info see Deadlines.  If the 15th lands on a weekend, the document is due by the following Monday by 5pm.

How many board meetings do you have?
Frey Foundation board meets three times per year, in June, September and December.

To whom do I address my letter of inquiry or application?
Frey Foundation only accepts letters of inquiry and applications in Word format at email@FreyFoundatioMN.org

How long should my letter of inquiry be?
Letters of inquiry should be no more than two pages. Refer to the How to Apply section for complete information.

What happens if my letter of inquiry is accepted?
You will be contacted by the Foundation and given the username and password necessary to obtain the application on this website.

How long does it take for a decision on my grant request?
From the application deadline to the board meeting is approximately four months.

Can I reapply for a grant?
Yes. The Foundation accepts requests for repeat funding as long as the new funding begins after the old funding ends.

Can I apply for funding while my organization has an active grant?
Yes, but the Foundation will only consider a new grant which would begin at the end of your current grant period.

What size grant should I request?
There are many factors that influence the Foundation’s decision on grant size. An organization should request an amount that they feel is appropriate for their project. Please note that Frey Foundation rarely supports 100 percent of a project budget.

Do you make grants to individuals?
No. The Foundation only supports organizations that are recognized as nonprofit by the IRS.

What are the chances of receiving a grant?
A large number of worthwhile organizations approach the Foundation for support. The process is highly competitive. Even if a project fits within our guidelines, it will not necessarily be funded.

I have a question that is not answered in these FAQs. What should I do?
Answers to the most common questions can be found in the How To ApplyFunding Priorities, and Evaluation and Reporting sections.