Frey Foundation provides grant to support advocacy and citizen engagement

Advocacy and commitment to systems change has been a key priority for Courage Center since its formation 80 years ago. A long-time partner of Courage Center, the Frey Foundation of Minnesota has awarded Courage Center $75,000 to strengthen citizen engagement and advocacy education for people with disabilities. The aim of the Frey Foundation funded project is to combine community education and civic engagement activities to increase the number of individuals with disabilities and their family members involved in advocacy, which will in turn lead to positive policy outcomes for the entire disability community.

Generous support from the Frey Foundation of Minnesota will underwrite two key efforts:

Tuesdays at the Capitol
Giving people the chance to experience first-hand how bills are crafted and policy decisions are made, Tuesdays at the Capitol offers the opportunity to advocate for change in real time. Keeping a regular disability community presence at the Capitol raises awareness among policymakers of the importance of disability. Tuesdays at the Capitol will include weekly briefings on legislation, testimony opportunities in committees, personalized assistance to ‘tell your story,’ and assistance identifying and scheduling appointments with  policymakers.

Free Accessible Rides to the Polls
Free Rides to the Polls is a unique project that Courage Center has been a leader of for the past three election cycles. It stemmed from research that shows that individuals with disabilities are 20% less likely to vote than individuals without disabilities with similar demographics. Further Courage Center research pointed to the area of transportation as a major barrier causing the voting gap. The goal of free accessible Rides to the Polls is to ensure people with mobility limitations can get to the polls and exercise their right to vote. Click here to find out more or sign up for a ride on Nov 6.

Familiar favorites such as Town Hall Forums and Communicate at the Capitol will also continue to grow with Frey Foundation support.

For more information on any of Courage Center’s advocacy opportunities please contact Christian Knights at 763-520-0725 or


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