Calendar Year Grants 2007

Supportive Affordable Housing

Ryan helps his Study Buddy Yemmane with his homework every week at Seward Tower West, a CommonBond Community

Ryan helps his Study Buddy Yemmane with his homework every week at Seward Tower West, a CommonBond Community

Accessible Space
$40,000 General Operations-Assisted Living Plus Project

Agape House for Mothers
$100,000 2 year Transitional Services Grant

Alliance Housing
$100,000 Capital Campaign

Cabrini Partnership
$250,000 2 year Matching Grant-Expansion

Catholic Charities
$200,000 2 year General Operations-Housing First

CommonBond Communities
$300,000 5 year Building Better Futures Capital Campaign

Division of Indian Work
$23,920 Staff Expansion

East Metro Women’s Council
$35,000 General Operations-East Metro Place II Permanent Supportive Housing

New Foundations Event

New Foundations Event

Emma Norton Services
$43,975 General Operations

Hope Community
$20,000 General Operations

$25,000 General Operations

New Foundations
$50,000 2 year General Operations

People Incorporated
$150,000 2 year General Operations

Phyllis Wheatley Community Center
$10,000 General Operations-Academic Achievement Program

Project for Pride in Living
$50,000 General Operations

Theresa Living Center
$30,000 Matching Grant

Wayside House
$80,000 General Operations



Health & Human Services

Neighborhood House free community dinner

Neighborhood House free community dinner

$25,000 General Operations-Project Connect

Arc Greater Twin Cities
$20,000 General Operations
$20,000 Matching Grant

Bolder Options
$25,000 General Operations-St. Paul Expansion (3/2007)
$200,000 Matching Grant-East Metro Expansion (12/2007)

$55,000 Matching Grant

Community University Health Care Center
$10,000 General Operations-Collaborative Care Model for Children

Confederation of Somali Community of MN
$15,000 General Operations-Living Across Cultures

Courage Center
$150,000 2 year General Operations-Building a Common Vision for Health and Rehabilitation

Fraser Community Services
$10,000 General Operations-Child and Family Mental Health Program

Bridging, Inc.

Bridging, Inc.

Friends of St. Stephen’s
$10,000 General Operations-Support Services (3/2007)
$10,000 General Operations-Support Services (12/2007)

Greater Twin Cities United Way
$30,000 General Operations-Nurturing Children & Families Program

Highland Friendship Club
$5,000 General Operations

MacPhail Center for the Arts
$10,000 General Operations-Wilder Early Childhood Arts Program

Minnesota Children’s Museum
$25,000 General Operations-Access/Ability

Neighborhood House Family Centers
$10,000 General Operations-Strong Families Program of the Family Learning Center

Open Arms of Minnesota
$65,000 General Operations-Nutrition for People Living with Disease

Open Cities Health Center
$10,000 General Operations-Support Services

PACER Center
$15,000 General Operations (3/2007)
$15,000 Matching Grant (3/2007)

$30,000 General Operations (12/2007)

Patchwork Quilt Neighborhood Outreach
$25,000 General Operations

Risen Christ Catholic School
$15,000 General Operations

Second Harvest Heartland
$225,000 3 year Matching Grant

Serve Minnesota
$30,000 General Operations

St. Paul Chamber Orchestra
$10,000 General Operations-Young Audience Development (3/2007)
$10,000 General Operations-Young Audience Development (12/2007)

Store to Door
$20,000 General Operations (3/2007)
$20,000 General Operations (12/2007)

Twin Cities Rise!
$100,000 2 year Pay for Performance and Workforce Development Program

Walk-In Counseling Center
$20,000 General Operations

Washburn Child Guidance Center
 $25,000 Matching Grant

Youth Frontiers
$100,000 Matching Grant-Springboard Program



Banyan Community
$10,000 General Operations-ASPIRE!

Cristo Rey Jesuit High School
$75,000 General Operations-Reading Curriculum

Community of Peace Academy
$19,800 General Operations-Strategic Planning

East Side Learning Center
$120,000 3 year Matching Grant

Fraser Community Services
$10,000 General Operations-School readiness Initiatives

Minnesota Literacy Council
$15,000 General Operations-ELF Program
$10,000 Matching Grant

Minnesota Orchestral Association
$7,500 General Operations-UPbeat

National Institute on Media and the Family
$25,000 General Operations – Media-Wise Programs

San Miguel Middle School of Minneapolis
$15,000 General Operations-Graduate Support Program

Wilderness Inquiry
$40,000 General Operations
$50,000 General Operations-Integrated Youth Programs