Grant Procedures

How To Apply
Letters of Inquiry


We fund creative non-profits in the Minneapolis/St. Paul metro area that can generate better ideas for the best communities. We give priority to organizations that bring that innovation and proven success to our three key areas of interest:

All organizations must be either private, non-profit, tax-exempt organizations with 501(c) 3 status or public entities qualifying under Section 170(c) of the Internal Revenue Code.

Grants are made primarily in the Twin Cities metropolitan area of Minnesota, and in other regions when connected to individual interest areas of family members.

The Foundation will give priority to those programs that utilize volunteers and other contributed dollars for support.

The Foundation is a member of Minnesota Council on Foundations and adheres to its Principles.


Frey Foundation receives a large number of requests for many worthwhile projects and organizations in all of our areas of interest. The process is extremely competitive. The Foundation is unable to provide support for every project that fits within our guidelines.

We do not award grants to endowments, scholarships or other types of support for individuals.

How to Apply

First, please carefully review the Foundation’s current Funding Priorities and Limitations and FAQs. Only projects or organizations that fit within Frey Foundation’s stated areas of interest should apply.

Letters of Inquiry

A letter of inquiry should be no more than two pages and must include the following:

  • Executive Summary: A one paragraph executive summary describing the project for which the organization is seeking funding, including the project title.
  • Brief Description of Project: Additional information about the project, as space permits.
  • Contact: The name, title, address, telephone number, fax number and email address of the primary contact person.
  • Request: The total amount requested from Frey Foundation.

Email letters of inquiry in Word format, not in .pdf format. Sending letters of inquiry by US Postal mail will delay processing of the file.

Please note:

  • Letters of inquiry are accepted on an ongoing basis, however there are deadlines that will determine in which funding cycle you may be considered. Please see the Deadline chart for specific dates.
  • Letters of inquiry should not exceed two pages.
  • Please do not send items other than those specifically requested.
  • In fairness to other organizations, the Foundation will only accept one letter of inquiry from an organization within a 12-month period.


Organizations that are currently being funded by Frey Foundation can submit another application without a letter of inquiry. This can be done before the existing grant is over, but only if the existing grant expires before the next grant would begin. Organizations that are declined funding after submitting an application must submit an LOI again.

Organizations that submit a letter of inquiry and meet Frey Foundation’s grant guidelines may be asked to submit a proposal application.

Only current grantee applications and organizations invited from LOIs by Frey Foundation representatives are accepted.  Online applications are available by following the instructions from your account.  You will be asked to attach the following:

  • List of current board members, officers, and their affiliations in Word format, if possible
  • One-paragraph description of each key staff member, including qualifications relevant to the specific request, in Word format, if possible
  • Complete the following financial forms, whether audited or unaudited; Expenses and Revenue
  • Budget for the proposed program (if applicable)
  • IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt letter or evidence of government agency status under 170(c)
  • Latest annual report, if available
  • List of Pending Donors
  • List of grant requests for past 2 years. Please include both acceptances and declines with dollar amounts
  • Additional Application Questionnaire; Frey_Foundation_5_questions


Supportive Affordable Housing meeting is in June of each year.  LOIs are due by e-mail by December 15th.  Applications are due February 15th.  

Health and Human Services meeting is in September of each year.  LOIs are due by e-mail by March 15th and applications are due by May 15th.

Education meeting is in December of each year.  LOIs are due by e-mail by June 15th and applications are due August 15th.

See home page for due date if  the 15th is on a weekend.

ONLY EMAILED LOIs WILL BE ACCEPTED without prior permission.  APPLICATIONS must be filled out online as described above.


Frey Foundation sets high standards for its grantees. Grantees’ performance is evaluated in order to learn from successes as well as mistakes.

To that end, the completion of the Evaluation section of the Minnesota Common Report form is required at the end of the grant period or with the next application (prior to a site visit), which is generally 12 months from the receipt of the award letter and grant check. Grantees should refer to their grant agreement letter for information about their report due date.

Grantees who fail to submit the required report will not be considered for future funding.

After completing the form, save it to your computer and email it to or upload it with your next application.