Supportive Affordable Housing

To qualify for a grant from Frey Foundation for a Supportive Affordable Housing program, you must meet ALL of the following criteria:

1. 501(c)3 agencies located within the seven county Twin Cities metropolitan region.

2. Established agencies that have demonstrated effective management, financial stability, quality programming and effective board leadership on a sustained basis.

3. Agencies that currently demonstrate positive outcomes for families including improved health, stability, employment and self-sufficiency.

4. Agencies that submit a clear plan that describes the proposed service expansion or enhancement, including: detailed description of supportive services; professional expertise of staff; who and how many families will benefit; how the lives of clients and families will be enhanced as a result of these activities.

5. Agencies with a strong evaluation component.

Agencies will NOT be considered if:

1. Affordable housing is provided but focus is not primarily on supportive housing services.

2. Shelter for homeless is provided but focus is not on supportive services that lead to greater long-term self-sufficiency.

3. Capital funding is requested without a significant portion of plan focused on enhancing or expanding supportive services.