LOI Deadline

Letters of Inquiry are required from any new organization requesting a grant from the Frey Foundation or from any organization that has not received a grant from the Frey Foundation within the last 12 month period (a current grantee).

  • LOIs for Supportive Affordable Housing are due December 15th
  • LOIs for Health and Human Services are due by March 15th
  • LOIs for Education are due by June 15th
*If any of the above dates fall on a weekend or Holiday the due date becomes the closest following weekday

Please email LOIs.


All current grantees must submit an Evaluation prior to consideration of a new grant. Evaluations are due prior to site visits for all applications. Please see Grant Procedures for further information and forms.

Application Deadline

The current application deadline for Health and Human Services is now closed. The application deadline was May 15th unless you were given specific prior extension approval. If you have been chosen to move forward in the grant process, you will receive an invitation for a site visit.

The next application that will be accepted is for our December 2016 meeting dealing with Education, the deadline to submit your application is August 15, 2016. If you are not a current grantee, you are required to submit an LOI by e-mail no later than June15, 2016.

LOIs that are accepted will be invited to apply and will receive instructions for the application. Current grantees are allowed to use their previous application access to reapply, they are not required to submit an LOI.

If you have questions regarding your qualifications for submitting an application vs. an LOI, please email.

*Please note the Trustees are still reviewing Health and Human Services LOIs and Applications. If you have submitted for Health and Human Services we will contact you as soon as they are complete.

Site Visits

All accepted applications will be asked to schedule a site visit. There are no longer site visit questionnaires required for this process.